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FCC Assists Individuals and Families throughout Black Hawk County

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen families and prevent child abuse through programs and education in BHC.

Programs & Services

Our programs and services currently reach over 13,000 individuals and families in Black Hawk County.

Our Partnerships

Family and Children's Council has a history of local partnerships and collaborations dating back to 1980.

Family & Children's Council

Serving Black Hawk County Iowa

Black Hawk County ranks fourth highest in the state of Iowa for child abuse cases.  Did you know that one out of five children is affected or impacted by some form of abuse in our community.

Family and Children's Council is the only agency providing the following unique programs and services to help prevent another child from becoming part of these statistics.


  • Parent Connection

    Programming assists parents residing in Black Hawk County with children birth to twelve by providing education, support and access to community resources through weekly home visitation.  Programming utilizes the Nurturing Parenting curriculum and Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory (pre and post-test).  Programming is accredited through the Iowa Family Supports Credentialing and the National Exchange Club Parent Aide Model (AAA status).

  • Empowering Parents

    Programming provides group-based parent education for parents of children birth to twelve years of age.  Parent education, access to community resources and peer support are provided during the free, nine-week session utilizing the Nurturing Parenting curriculum and Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory (pre and post-test).

    Contact Glenda Husome, Sexual Abuse Prevention Coordinator

    319-234-7600 ext. 22

  • Stewards of Children

    A revolutionary sexual abuse prevention training program that educates adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.  The program believes and teaches that child safety is an adult's job.  It is an evidence-based program and is appropriate for individuals and businesses who want to protect children and for organizations which serve children directly.

  • Take Charge of Your Body

    A sexual abuse prevention program for children ages preschool to sixth grade.  It teaches children how to distinguish between positive, healthy touches and inappropriate or unwanted touches.  Children learn their personal safety plan "NO, GO, TELL!"  Say "NO" then "GO" - get away as soon as you can.  Then "TELL" an adult you trust and keep on telling until it stops and you get help.  Programming is available in all local elementary schools and implemented by trained staff and volunteers of FCC.

    Contact Ashley Meinhart, Family Services Coordinator

    319-234-7600 ext. 31

  • Partners For Parenting Families

    This is a unique collaboration and central point of coordinated intake for Black Hawk County and surrounding communities.  All prenatal and post-natal referrals are kept confidential and used to guide services in our community. Weekly meetings with collaborative partners assure the avoidance of duplicative services while providing feedback on community needs to support families.

  • Baby Safety Project

    Programming provides the essential infant safety items to be distributed to eligible families in need.  Pack-n-plays, car seats, and child-proofing materials are a few of the items offered to families.  Families can receive a referral from a partnering agency.

  • Car Seat Safety

    FCC has two trained car seat safety technicians to assure the proper use and installation of infant/toddler safety seats.  In addition to individual inspections, FCC partners with other local agencies to host safety events.

Questions: Missy Denning - Program Director

Office Phone: 319-234-7600 ext. 12

Special Thanks To Our Community Partners & Collaborators

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Family & Children's Council

of Black Hawk County Inc.

Our mission is to strengthen families and educate our community in the prevention of child abuse in Black Hawk County.

Proudly serving Black Hawk County and surrounding areas since 1980.

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